Caron is a multi-disciplined visual artist and her work spans many techniques including public art, drawing, painting, digital, fiber media, murals, and sculptures. Caron has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History and a Master of Arts degree in ESE. Her artwork has received international recognition and has been on display at the Marc Chagall Museum, DuSable Museum, Harlem Fine Arts Show, ARCO Madrid Fair, Continuum Art Fair, and Art Africa Fair.

She is the founder of Street Art Revolution a public art collective that brings multicultural art into communities. The organization brought diversified art into establishments such as Art Palm Beach and the Norton Museum. Caron’s efforts in the realm of public art has received extensive press, interviews, tv, newspaper magazine, and blog nods as well as top state public art awards.

My Projects

  • Calypso

    The Aquarium" is a mural on a water tank made to look like an aquarium. (2 stories tall) The Street art Revolution team took inspiration from the architectural design of the water tank. We decided to paint the water tank like an Aquarium. The design shows off the wonderful aquatic treasures of the area.

  • Revolution of the Groove

    This mural portrays six revolutionary African American artists who utilized their music to challenge entrenched ways of thinking about social injustice and racism. Featured musicians include Miles Davis, Nina Simone, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, and Billie Holiday. Several of these artists performed in West Palm Beach’s Historic Northwest neighborhood.