No project is too large for data master Christopher Bauder and WHITEvoid. From working on stage design for ABBA’s Voyage tour to the $2 million Hakkasen Grid project for one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas, Bauder has the abilities and perspectives necessary to finish such complex projects. The pioneering hyphenate founded WHITEvoid in 2004 in Berlin to match the needs of his dreams. Critically acclaimed, Bauder and his team often work with major clients looking for a bit of reinvention. His artistic style, always bold, attracts major brands: Coca-Cola, Google, Nike, and Tiffany & Co. are just a fraction of those that have worked with him

My Projects


    a temporary large-scale light art installation in the desert created for NOOR Riyadh 2022 light festival by Christopher Bauder and KiNK The “axion” is a hypothetical elementary particle. If axions exist, they might be a component of dark matter. Cosmologists today believe only a fraction of our universe is made up of stars, planets, and living organisms. The other 95% of the universe is dark matter and dark energy. The cold dark matter theory describes how the universe went from a smooth initial state to the uneven distribution of galaxies and their clusters we see today. With AXION, light artist Christopher Bauder and composer KiNK explore the ultimate horizon: Outer Space. This enormous temporary light show has been created specifically for desert environments. With its grid like array of light tubes and moving lights, it resembles a giant scientific device for space exploration or particle detection. But once inside, it is a reflection on the potential of axions, dark matter and the idea of the unknown.


    DEEP WEB is a monumental immersive audiovisual installation and live performance created by light artist Christopher Bauder and composer and musician Robert Henke. Presented in enormous pitch-dark indoor spaces, DEEP WEB plunges the audience into a ballet of iridescent kinetic light and surround sound bringing to life a luminous analogy to the nodes and connections of digital networks. The work has been presented in 2016 at CTM Festival Berlin and at the Festival of Lights Lyon.

  • SKALAR – Reflections on Light and Sound

    SKALAR is a large-scale art installation that explores the complex impact of light and sound on human perception. Light artist Christopher Bauder and musician Kangding Ray give an audiovisual narration of radiant light vector drawings and multi-dimensional sound inside the pitch-dark industrial space of Kraftwerk Berlin. By combining a vast array of kinetic mirrors, perfectly synchronized moving lights and a sophisticated multi-channel sound system, SKALAR reflects on the fundamental nature and essence of basic human emotions. With its titular Turmoil theme, CTM Festival 2018 sets the perfect environment to launch the artistic venture of SKALAR.