SpY is a doyen of the urban public art movement, and he operates with a cohort of savvy and technically proficient experts. Viewers love the monumental, glowing artscapes the Spanish creative and his “laboratory” are known for–and other projects feature materials which impart a more industrial and modern feeling. He cares about “raising substantial questions about the reality of human relations” and wants his works to “dialogue with the urban environment, disrupt its daily routines, and explore it as a playing field full of untapped possibilities.” SpY and his team have taken their brand of public art in many places, including Chile, Egypt, Greece, and Saudi Arabia.

My Projects

  • 24 MIRRORS

    The sculpture “24 Mirrors” is a kinetic artwork made up of twenty-four skewed surveillance mirrors rotating in unison.


    A kinetic and sound sculpture made up of pieces of barrier tape. “Barrier Tape” continues a kinetic installation line of work based on real-life objects and hypnotic patterns. The piece decontextualises an everyday urban element used to control and condition the movement of people, and uses it to create a 1.600 square meter installation. The result is a vast surface, ever-shifting in form, that visitors can move across. Inside the piece, the repeated element takes the viewer into a transitory state of disorientation. The pieces of tape swing in unison with the wind, creating a wave-like motion throughout the composition and generating an intense, random soundscape.


    Black sphere of 15m of diameter installed in the oculus of a main train station. In “Blackout”, SpY proposes the installation of a black sphere with a diameter of 15mt to be located in the central oculus of the Logroño intermodal station for “Concéntrico 07” Logroño’s International Festival of Architecture and Design. The oculus in their architectural origin had the function of windows or as a passage of light. Etymologically, the word derives from the Latin expression “ochulos” which literally translates as “eye”. In the Neolithic period it was interpreted as a symbol of the gods’ constant vigilance and attention to the actions of human beings.

  • Cesped (Grass)

    Natural grass circle of 70m of diameter installed in the center of Madrid's Plaza Mayor. 400th Anniversary of Madrid's Plaza Mayor. The main idea of this Project is as simple as recognizable. It consists of a 70 meter natural grass circle (3500 square meters in total) located in the center of the Plaza Mayor (Madrid) commemorating its 4th centenary. Given the simplicity of such Project, both locals and tourists were immediately surprised by the decontextualisation of the Plaza and the invitation to new ways to feel pleasantly and comfortably embraced.


    “Colapso” is an installation consisting of a globe 10 meters in diameter placed at the center of a cube-shaped structure. The piece was exhibited at the Teatro Arriaga Square in Bilbao, Spain. Throughout the four days of exhibition, visitors could watch the globe grow in size slowly and progressively.

  • DATA

    In “DATA”, SpY offers a reflection on the rapid and widespread inclusion of algorithms in numerous aspects of our lives. 


    A huge, luminous sphere of an intense red color, split in two identical halves. Each half is caged within a metal structure built with the kind of scaffolding commonly used in construction. Viewers can traverse the space between the two halves, immersing in a light-filled corridor, and effectively becoming part of the artwork itself. EXHIBITION PLÁSMATA Bodies, Dreams, and Data

  • EARTH (Riyadh)

    “Earth / Tierra” is a 25 metre high, luminous sphere caged within a metal scaffolding structure. The piece conveys a metaphor of a possible role played by human activity in our planet’s cycles and changes.

  • ECLIPSES (daylight)

    “Eclypses" (daylight) is a site-specific, kinetic sculpture conceived for an unused industrial space at the Weapons Factory of La Vega (Oviedo, Spain). The installation is composed of twenty large discs that move in a slow choreography to an accompanying soundscape. Visitors can navigate around and across a living artwork, actively engaging in a unique, multidimensional experience of hypnotic and immersive qualities, marked by the scale of the piece within the imposing space of the warehouse. In “Eclypses" (daylight) the installation Eclypses presents a more sculptural and contemplative dimension, in which elements such as the changing daylight and an emphasized presence of the architectural setting come into play.


    “Eclypses” is a site-specific, kinetic sculpture conceived for an unused industrial space at the Weapons Factory of La Vega (Oviedo, Spain). The installation is composed of twenty large discs moving in a slow choreography that incorporates light patterns and an accompanying soundscape. Visitors can navigate around and across a living artwork, actively engaging in a unique, multidimensional experience of hypnotic and immersive qualities, marked by the scale of the piece within the imposing space of the warehouse.


    “Loops” is a large-scale kinetic artwork permanently installed at the atrium of Inselspital, the largest hospital in Switzerland. Both engaging and soothing, the piece presents a new paradigm for site-specific installations in the re-envisioning of hospitals as more humane environments. The production of the artwork spanned over two years and involved the development of bespoke equipment by world-leading engineers. How can art have a positive effect on patients, staff and visitors, and help nurture them emotionally within a hospital? Fulfilling these needs has been the goal of this highly specialised project. The result of that process is “Loops”, unique kinetic artwork in which 24 large rings move across an interior space following a series of subtle choreographic patterns. Developed in collaboration with design consultancy Studio Banana, “Loops” is permanently installed at the atrium of the brand-new Anna-Seiler-Haus, the main building of Inselspital, one of the largest and most advanced hospitals in Switzerland.


    "MONOLITH" Barcelona - Spain, 2023. The groundbreaking installation “Monolith” explores the present and future of our relation with screens and data using light, sound and context to unprecedented effect.

  • ORB

    “Orb” draws its inspiration from the historical Egyptian heritage around it. The choice of form and materials in the piece is presented as a direct reference to elements of mathematics and symbolism present in classic Egyptian culture and in the Pyramids in particular. The shape of the piece alludes to the ‘pi’ number concealed in the geometry of the Pyramids, found when dividing the perimeter of a Pyramid by twice its height. The sphere is an invisible part of the resulting geometry, since a sphere with a radius as high as the Pyramid would have a circumference very close in length to the Pyramid’s perimeter. The surface of the artwork captures the Pyramids, the sky, the surroundings and the viewers in a multiple fragmented reflection. It references the role of the circular mirror in historical Egyptian symbolism, where it was linked to the sun and conveyed notions of creation and rebirth.


    In “REFLECTION”, SpY makes use of such common elements of street furniture as convex traffic mirrors that are used in surveillance and security, to present this hypnotic kinetic sculpture in movement. Made up of 20 convex traffic mirrors, this kinetic sculpture generates a replicated universe that evolves with the different variations of movement and position of the spectators through reflection. SpY explores the spectators’ relationship with their own reflection and environment, multiplying and expanding their privacy and intimacy among them all. It is a kind of unavoidable vigilance in which we find ourselves and in which other spectators will inevitably also be reflected along with the surroundings. It is a proposal in which SpY works with the presence and the now of the individual, the distortion of reality, visibility and privacy. These perceptions implore the spectator to face his/her reflection, which has been created in front of the sculptural proposal in movement.


    Tierra/Earth. A luminous red sphere caged inside a structure In “Tierra”, SpY presents an artistic project made up of a luminous red sphere caged inside a cube-shaped structure, constructed with the type of scaffolding normally used on building sites. These 2 simple geometric elements (sphere and cube) form a large-scale construction which stands almost 25 metres high and has been installed in Plaza de Colón in Madrid. This powerful visual statement is accompanied by a bright red light emanating from inside the sphere, from which one can almost feel the heat transmitted by the concept of the work. In this work, SpY asks us to reflect on the way in which our home makes up a whole of which we form part, and in which everything is connected as if it were a living creature. There have always been changing climate conditions and the Earth has always been constantly evolving. However, as a consequence of human activity, these changes are happening over a very short period of time and have resulted in worrying alterations.


    ZEROS is a large-scale kinetic sculpture formed by nine massive inner tubes that move to a slow choreography. The artwork occupies a large part of the exhibition space, dwarfing visitors into constrained viewpoints and navigation patterns. The solemn movements of the piece evoke the image of an enormous animal that shifts ponderously, in a visual and spatial experience dominated by the intense contrast of the black shapes against the hard red light.