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My Projects

  • Cycle

    Composed of a series of modules allowing various configurations, and equipped with several light animation sequences, Cycle delights with its variations in intensity and colour. Diffusing brightness from its core, it evokes the halo effect of an eclipse. In a maestria of light and sound, Cycle comes to life at the rhythm of bystanders’ interactions. By moving to the beat of the ambient music, the young and the young at heart transmit their energy to Cycle, transforming it into a larger-than-life musical sequencer.

  • LAPS: a journey through time - here and now

    The hourglass from another time LAPS is a modern take on the traditional hourglass that gives us the opportunity to literally take control of time. From the top of their 2.33 meters, the 6 giant interactive hourglasses invite the public to change time by turning the steering wheel at their desired pace, in one direction or the other, and to take another look at their perception of time. Time catchers are rewarded with a sound and light experience that inspires immediate wonder. Take control for a full lap of LAPS; hold your breath, sing a song, clap your hands, propose marriage, do whatever inspires you. Everyone gets to choose the time they want to spend here; this passage of time is truly yours!

  • Los Trompos

    Los Trompos features eight larger-than-life, three-dimensional spinning tops in a variety of colors and shapes. It draws its inspiration from a toy that has been popular with children around the world since the dawn of time. This large-scale, interactive artistic installation engages visitors in a way that is both meaningful and playful. Functioning as both artwork and rotating platform, each sculpture acts as a gathering place for relaxation, social interaction and entertainment. Through interaction and collaboration, Los Trompos comes to life and gives new meaning to the art of play.

  • Mi Casa, Your Casa 2.0

    Mi Casa, Your Casa is inspired by the mercados of Latin America, lively street markets where human connections are made every day. The installation features a series of three-dimensional red frames that illustrate the warmth, comfort, and safety of our homes. With their basic shape recognizable by all, the tiny houses form a blank canvas for community engagement and activity, where people of all ages can socialize in a playful spirit. When a casa is empty, a welcoming white glow bids you to enter. Once inside, the glow intensifies to show that someone is home. The installation can be reconfigured in multiple scenarios to host various activities. The installation can be reconfigured in multiple scenarios and can be presented with two different accessories, depending on the desired experience. The urban hammock – blends perfectly with the structure of the piece and offers the public a warm welcome. A relaxing break is in order! The swing – invites the passer-by to settle comfortably in the small houses and to relax by swaying quietly in a unique environment!


    Optik is an interactive installation that reflects on our ability to play with our surroundings while giving the opportunity for brand new point of views on our daily environment. It provides a unique platform for users to manipulate at free will how they want to see the world. The 6 feet gyroscope-like forms with, at the center, a dichroic film, offer new ever-changing opportunities that reflect any ray of lights during the day while refracting the inner rings lighting at dusk. As the audience rotates each unit, they create their own endless cascade of colors. The experience is raised to another level as sound joins on the rhythmical effort, turning each unit into a different musical instrument. As the work is rotated a different note is played at every fifteen degree rotation. Through movement and reflection of light, each of these colorful units encourages the public to engage with another unit and other people within the space, sparking spontaneous conversations, dance parties, jam sessions, light shows, and to finally see each and everyone’s true color. Optik transports people away from their daily routine and into a state of play; it is no longer just a photogenic monument within a space and becomes a communal hub for social connection.

  • Oscillation

    Giant crystals that come alive through movement Oscillation is an interactive installation that uses sight, sound, and movement to spark community activity and social interaction through play. The installation acts somewhat like a theremin, an unusual musical instrument that you can play without touching it. As you walk toward the piece, it plays different sounds and pitches depending on your distance from it. And as you move and dance around it, colors reflect and refract light in different ways based on your angle and position. Oscillation is made up of five parts that are deconstructed from a solid cube using a Voronoi algorithm. The crystal-like forms can be moved around and placed in a variety of formations. The result is totally immersive experience that breaks down social barriers and fuels joyful conversations between strangers.

  • Passage, by Serge Maheu

    Created by Serge Maheu, Passage is an immersive, minimalist, contemplative and interactive artwork that explores the emotional connections we develop with light and sound. Passage: the act of moving through or past something on the way from one place to another, and also the process of transition from one state to another in a temporal dimension. The installation consists of 20 circles of light that form a 84 feet long tunnel which bystanders will go through, and a sound system. The passage through the tunnel activates light animations and sounds. Each configuration has its own ambiance.

  • Roseaux

    With Roseaux, a “particip’active” and playfully interactive installation, walking in fields has never been more fun than with Roseaux, Composed of individual reeds that rise into the sky, Roseaux invites users to activate the base of the reeds by stepping on sensors, rhythmically propelling myriad colors up the stem. Alone or in a group, the fun and exciting race begins to give the reeds a single, solid colour. The visual parade punctuated by a vibrant soundscape in a perfect synchrony of light and sound creates an energizing sensory experience In standby mode, gently pulsing light and sound beckon users to activate the reeds and give the space a dreamlike ambiance.

  • Sonic Runway

    A corridor of lights synchronized to the speed of sound. The Sonic Runway is a light-art installation that converts audio signals into patterns of light that shoot down a 342 to 432 ft (105 to 132 meters) corridor of 20 to 25 LED lined arches at the speed of sound. At the front of the Runway, the observers see musical sound waves rippling away from them. Walking down the corridor, sound and light are always in sync. Looking back from the far end, walkers can see the sound waves coming at them, and hear the music as the pattern reaches them. A striking addition to any urban or festival landscape, the Sonic Runway becomes an unforgettable destination that offers an otherworldly sensory experience.


    A poetic vision of an uncertain future and a reflection upon our present, the TRACES public art installation situated on the Canada Pavilion site at Expo 2020 Dubai, challenges visitors and raises awareness about the growing threat to ecosystems caused by climate change. In developing a concept that would be artistic, poetic and meaningful, the team studied multiple aspects of global warming and habitat degradation before embracing a visual that captured the very essence of their message – a rising murmur of birds, swirling across the sky in a massive, collective movement. In order to capture and convey a message of urgency surrounding the issue of rapid habitat decline, KANVA came up with the idea of fossilization of an inhabited landscape, where birds are suspended in motion in a fossilized form that preserves “TRACES’’ of their existence. The expression unfolds in a series of eight boxes. Each museum box, measuring 8’ x 8’x 8’, contains a precious object that embodies the beauty of dynamic life in suspension, complemented by multimedia interactions developed with artist Étienne Paquette. As visitors weave their way towards the entry hall of the pavilion, they are invited to move through multisensorial experiences of discovery and self-appropriation.