2023 Creative Revolutionaries: Honoring the Heroism of Top Art and Design Leaders

For a fourth year, CODAworx is pleased to present the art + design leaders whose outstanding work cannot be ignored. We refer to them as Creative Revolutionaries, a term of endearment that represents the passion of the entire commissioned art industry - as we are all tirelessly working to create impacts.

Some of these seemingly superhuman creators are artists who express their visions for a better world - one that is just, forgiving, playful, loving and serene. Others are pioneers using new technology to advance the design and construction of fantastic and engaging works of art, many that similarly impart messages promoting important social causes. Among them are also excellent curators, compelling communicators, and savvy business leaders, advocating for the arts in admirable ways.

Even as this uncertain era unfolds, these Creative Revolutionaries forge on, take chances, and achieve their objectives. Convinced of the meaning behind their visions, we support their endeavors in these challenging times. Thank you to our sponsor for this year’s list, Panasonic Connect, for recognizing the work of these leaders. This issue of CODAmagazine will begin our efforts in 2023 to showcase the creative revolution public artists are bringing to our cities and communities.

It is an honor to introduce you to these amazing individuals and their work! I hope the collective efforts of these Creative Revolutionaries inspire courage in you to seize opportunities this year and beyond.