Welcome to the January issue of CODAmagazine, where we share the best design + art projects from all over the world. We’re an online community for artists, design professionals, and industry resources to showcase their work, collaborate with one another, and find the creative resources they need for future projects.

Reed Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, says: “The only way you can achieve something magnificent is by working with other people.” The projects showcased in this issue of CODAmagazine certainly illustrate that point. These collaborations are continually expanding the ranks of participants who come to art from disparate fields, including industrial design, engineering, urban design, as well as design and architecture. Art becomes an instrument to produce ideas. As a result, we are seeing greater innovation in creativity, as one discipline informs the other.

Collaboration in the art and design of our public and private spaces is a new paradigm. For the artist, making art is not simply about the work, but about working with a team of professionals to accomplish the goals of the space. And for all of the collaborators, art becomes an instrument to help generate ideas and active participation.

CODAworx is working harder than ever to put public art on the radar of important decision makers and gatekeepers, leaders in both public and private spheres. Our goal is to grow the public art industry, which we believe will lead to richer collaborations for everyone – and we cannot do it without passionate art advocates like you. I hope you all believe in this mission as much as we do, and continue to find value by engaging with the CODAworx community and all that it has to offer.

Looking forward to 2024 with you,