Welcome to the June issue of CODAmagazine, where we share the best design + art projects from all over the world. This magazine is published once a month by CODAworx. We’re an online community for artists, design professionals, and industry resources to showcase their work, collaborate with one another, and find the creative resources they need for future projects. The theme for this month is Art and Wellness. Life can challenge us at any moment, but being surrounded by inspiring and inviting art gives us strength and perspective. Projects we connect with help us endure tough times, and they can even assist in healing us.  On the cover of this CODAmagazine issue is a memorable example of this kind of impact. Located outside of a children’s hospital in New York, SPOT is a whimsical addition to the area. Reminding visitors and passersby to not lose hope or wonder, the giant dog with a Toyota Prius atop its nose also symbolizes fun, as well as courage.  Another project I like is Nature Provides, which is a mosaic wall meant to soothe staff working at a Lakewood, Washington healthcare facility. Those who help us feel our best deserve to feel at ease, too! Designers often focus on making spaces more ergonomic, strictly defining increased productivity as the desired goal. What about designing spaces to bring about the longest laughs, the biggest smiles, and the most peaceful contemplations from employees?  Connections between our well-being and our environment are numerous. Do you recall a time a work of art improved your mood or took your mind off of unpleasant matters? Sometimes some new paint, an extra beam of light, or a giant dog can completely alter how we feel. People are comforted in different ways, but the projects selected for this issue of CODAmagazine exemplify what we love at CODAworx: clear intention and noticeable improvement.  With wishes for good art and good health in your life,