Elijah Tuuri Appointed as CEO of CODAMADE

CODAMADE, which “empowers artists and communities to create artworks that bridge the physical public art world with the digital art sphere,” has appointed Elijah Tuuri as CEO.

Tuuri will work to help the company, which CODAworx is a part owner in, develop a creative economy and NFT ecosystem which links the physical art world with the digital possibilities. CODAMADE offers digital fabrication services for artists, empowers through education, and establishes connections between art forms.

Regarding Tuuri’s appointment, CODAMADE Co-Founder Marc Aptakin commented in a statement: “Elijah has my full support as the new CEO of CODAMADE. He is a successful innovator who understands our objectives and has already been a vital part of our team. I am confident in both his skills as a leader and in his ideas about this new industry.”

Read Tuuri’s bio below:

Elijah Tuuri is an accomplished and visionary leader with a proven track record of driving strategic growth and fostering innovation in the technology and automotive industries. With a diverse background in product strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship, Elijah has consistently delivered exceptional results and created lasting impact throughout his career. Most recently as the Head of Innovation & Product Strategy for the Verizon Value Organization, Elijah led the product strategy and innovation efforts while successfully launching a technology and product incubator.

Prior to his role at Verizon, Elijah held key positions in innovation and project management at Daimler, where he worked with startups, incubators and accelerators to drive innovation. Elijah is a co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of MADNFT, a web3 company focused on leveraging emerging technologies such as NFTs and blockchain. Throughout his career Elijah has been recognized as a thought leader, invited to speak at prestigious conferences and events, including the White House UpSkill America Summit, The Institute For the Future’s Future 50 Summit, the Lean Startup Summit and most recently, CODAsummit NFT. With a strong passion for driving organizational growth and embracing new technologies, Elijah has consistently demonstrated his ability to lead and inspire diverse teams to reach for the future.