2020 CODAawards – Juror Instructions



Between now and Monday, June 15, you have three CODAawards categories to jury.  Those three categories were listed in the email we sent you on June 2nd.  Select the category you want to begin with from the list below, and click on the link.  This link will take you to the first project in the selected category, and you are ready to get started!

Here are a few more notes to help you navigate the jurying process:

  • Assign your 1-7 score at the top of the right column on the project page. Mouse over the stars to score this project.  Your score will be saved automatically, but you can go back and change it up until the end of the jurying period.
  • Navigate through projects by using the previous and next buttons above the Project image, not the browser’s back button.
  • At the top of each project page is also a dropdown that lists your three categories to jury. Use this dropdown to move to the next category, once you have finished a category.
  • Please be sure to score EVERY ENTRY in all three of your categories. (Thank you.)

We are asking you to evaluate each entry using a single 1-7 scale, where 1 is the least successful and 7 is the most successful.  Make your scoring decisions based on the following criteria:

  • The integration of commissioned artwork into the project, and the importance of this integration into the overall design
  • The strength of the collaboration process among the creative teams, design professionals, and industry resources
  • The blending of the art and design seamlessly to create a place as art, rather than a place with art

Please judge the success of each entry on these criteria based on the photos of the project, and the responses to questions where we asked them to address these points.  (Entrants may also submit additional information, such as videos about the project or websites where you can find other information about the project.)

You don’t need to complete the jurying all at once. You can leave the site at any time and come back to complete the jurying process using your user name and password found in the 6/2 email from Toni.  You can also change your scores up until the end of the jurying process.

Jury deadline is end of day, Monday, June 15.  You have our undying gratitude and a thousand thanks!