CODAworx Art Services

We make commissioning, fabricating, and procuring art easy

In airports and train stations, public plazas and corporate lobbies, hospitals and hotels, in houses of worship and on parking garage facades, CODAworx artists are creating amazing artwork installations to delight, inspire, and transform spaces. CODAworx is a one-stop shop for commissioning and procuring outstanding art. 

Our professional staff will work with you every step of the way to commission, fabricate or simply procure art. We are here to bring you a world of options, and to help you efficiently hone in on the best art solution for your built environment. With our help, we are certain you will select the perfect piece of art to represent your brand, enliven your space and to maybe even sing to your soul.

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Art Commission Concierge Service

From ideation to installation, our artists and creative teams deliver exceptional art. The Art Commission Concierge Service provides support to you and your team in commissioning compelling artwork for your interior or exterior space. Our staff will work with you throughout the process, resulting in artwork that exceeds your expectations and achieves your goals.

Our Concierge Service is customized to meet your needs. Here’s a quick look at just some of what we can help you with:

  • Define your goals for the artwork you are commissioning
  • Establish the credentials for eligible artists
  • Consult with you to set a realistic budget
  • Establish a timeline to have your artwork in place when you need it
  • Write a comprehensive RFQ to attract the world's best artists to apply
  • Manage applications using sophisticated online tools

Get started with our Guide to Commissioning Art. This White Paper is a how-to guide for the art commissioning process.  It suggests strategies to help selection and hiring go smoothly. It also describes steps that can establish shared (and realistic) expectations on the part of artists and clients.

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We have all of the resources you need to bring an art commission to life

Think of us as your art subcontractor.

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Our team is here to help:

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“I’m a big fan of CODAworx. We would never have had access to all the artists. They were invaluable throughout the whole process. I don’t know why you would ever try to do it on your own. It would just be so much more time and you’re not going to have anywhere near the end result.”

-- Eric Hovde, CEO, Hovde Properties

"CODAworx is important because it puts us in contact with professional artists working in a variety of media, so we are able to quickly match our project needs."

-- Kristen Rolando, Art Initiative, Inc.