CANADA ARTISTS – North Core Street Scape Project- Thunder Bay, Ontario

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    City of Thunder Bay

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  • Location of Commission

    Thunder Bay, , Canada

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    Applicants in county of installation

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    Laurie Abthorpe

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    [email protected]

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  • Brief Description

    Please note this the application eligibility for this opportunity is for Canada artists only.

    The City of Thunder Bay is currently re-developing and updating a portion of the City’s North Core.

    The North Core Street Scape Project aims to transform the city's core by reconstructing streets to create a human centered, dynamic, and flexible space catering to diverse community needs. Scheduled from April 2023 to August 2025, the project encompasses Court Street and Red River Road, focusing on right-of-way enhancements, including:

    Enlarge pedestrian walkways on both sides of the streetscape and ensure accessibility and access to all businesses.
    Provide greater opportunity for outdoor terraces for local businesses.
    Provide a flex-street design to support community programming and events and street closures.
    Replacing water mains and sanitary sewers.
    Constructing raised granite planters with trees, benches, and premium finishes.
    Incorporating placemaking through public art.
    Integral to this transformation is the infusion of public friendly spaces. Scheduled planting of greenery and public art installations will occur in phases over the project duration, contributing to a vibrant new atmosphere.

    The initiative strives to reinvigorate the North Core as the Entertainment District, fostering economic growth and community vitality. By offering spaces for patios, events, and programming, the revitalized streets aim to attract families, businesses, and tourists.

    The anticipated benefits include:

    Immediate foot traffic and increased interest in existing businesses.
    Safer, more inviting streets with added greenery and traffic calming measures.
    Creation of a flexible outdoor event space for diverse programming by event organizers.
    Long-term economic growth by attracting new businesses to the downtown area.
    This initiative contributes to a healthier and more vibrant community by boosting small businesses and tourism as well as fostering a sense of inclusivity and cultural richness through
    public art and the opportunity for diverse event programming. There are three (3) locations within this project where public art is being sought:

    Court Street Plaza (north-west corner of Court Street North and Red River Road)
    Mall Street Plaza
    St. Paul Street to Cumberland Street Plaza (North side, from Cumberland Street to St. Paul Street)

    Please see commission portal link for full opportunity information.