A Call for ILLINOIS Artists: Illinois Department of Transportation Rail Splitter North/South Safety Rest Areas Sangamon County, Illinois

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    Capital Development Board

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  • Location of Commission

    Springfield, Illinois, United States

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    Applicants in state of installation

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    [email protected]

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  • Brief Description

    Built in 1963, the Rail Splitter Safety Rest Areas, located just north of Springfield, were the first interstate highway rest areas in Illinois. With the advent of the interstate highway system, rest areas became part of the cultural landscape—a piece of our national heritage—providing a sense of place and identity for the region in which they stand.
    The new Rail Splitter Safety Rest Areas will honor Illinois Department of Transportation’s significant contributions in interstate highway design and construction by preserving and restoring these historic landmarks. The dramatic concrete canopies, an architectural innovation of the time, will remain a beacon for travelers—a tribute to mid-century architecture and engineering. The spacious Rest Areas will welcome travelers by offering a beautiful landscape, innovative design, and a connection to Illinois history.