Taoyuan International Art Award 2025

  • Commissioning Entity

    Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts

  • Application Open Date


  • Application Deadline Date


  • Minimum Budget


  • Maximum Budget


  • Location of Commission

    Taoyuan, , Taiwan

  • Geographic Eligibilty


  • Contact Name

    Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts

  • Contact Email

    [email protected]

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  • Commission Document

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  • Brief Description

    I. Mission:

    The Taoyuan International Art Award aims to cultivate talent in contemporary art and create a strong foundation for the research and creation of contemporary art, as well as to expand global perspectives, strengthen international exchanges, and encourage the diversified development of art practices.

    II. Advisers: Taoyuan City Government and Taoyuan City Council

    Sponsor: Department of Cultural Affairs, Taoyuan
    Organizer: Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts

    III. Dates:

    A. Organized once every two years.
    B. Entry Submission: 1 April – 26 April 2024
    C. Exhibition Build-up: 3 March – 20 March 2025
    D. Exhibition: 25 March – 30 April 2025

    IV. Venue:

    Taoyuan Arts Center

    V. Eligibility:

    A. Artists may participate as an individual or a group. There are no limits on nationality. Simultaneous registrations in both the individual and group categories are prohibited. However, this restriction does not apply to those participating as working members of other teams.

    B. Works must be new pieces presented to the public for the first time and have never entered government-organized competitions in Taiwan.

    VI. Registration Instructions:

    A. Entries
    1. Submitted entries are not limited in material, category, or size. The space for an individual exhibit is in principle no larger than 600x600x250cm. Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts (TMoFA) will provide the finalized dimensions upon the announcement of the selected artists. The TMoFA reserves the right to adjust the display space according to the exhibition space planning.

    2. Each individual/group is limited to registering one piece (or set) of work. Once registration is confirmed, changes are not allowed.

    3. Works that pass the preliminary review must be displayed during the secondary review according to the exhibition plan submitted at registration. (For details on plan execution, please refer to Appendix I).

    B. Registration
    1. Online Registration
    (1) Go to the website of the Taoyuan International Art Award (tmofa-tiaa.com) to fill out the registration form and upload the entry work and exhibit plan. Submissions with incomplete information will not be accepted.
    (2) Entry work and exhibit plan: The entry may be presented with texts, images, or videos. The content must include: photographs or schematics of the work, an artist statement, the work dimensions, the exhibit space planning, the equipment requirements, technical requirements, and the timetable for build-up and breakdown.
    2. Specifications of entry:

    (1) 2D work: painting/photography /mixed media One full image of the work (juxtaposed shots for a series of work) and 2-4 partial images. Use the title of the entry as the file name.

    (2) 3D work: sculpture/3D object/installation/pluridisciplinary works One full image of the work and 2-4 partial images (including the top view, front view, and side view). Use the title of the entry as the file name.

    (3) Video and Interactive Works: a. audio/moving image/animation:
    (a) one complete version of the entry;
    (b) one condensed video (3 minutes or less) ; and
    (c) three static images (audio entries are exempt).
    b. Interactive Works:
    (a) Presentation video (limited to 3 minutes).
    (b) Still images of the artwork (1-3 pieces) ; and
    (c) one static image. Diagrams of the display method and interactive installations (1-3 images).
    (4) Requirements for work format and the uploading process:
    a. Image files must be in jpeg format and under 2MB in size; video files must be submitted as a YouTube or Vimeo link; and
    b. The name of artist cannot appear in any videos.

    A. Preliminary Review: A jury panel will conduct the review; the list of the selected artists will be released on the official website of TMoFA.
    B. Secondary Review:
    1. On-site Review: The jury will conduct a review on the built-up works on site.
    2. Interview: Participating artists (or a representative of a group) in the Secondary Review shall attend the interview in person to respond the inquiries from the jury members.

    VIII. Rewards

    A. Grand Prize *1: A prize of NT$600,000, one trophy, one award certificate, and five albums.
    B. Honorable Mention *3: A prize of NT$200,000, one trophy, one award certificate, and five albums.
    C. Sojourn Award *1: A subsidy of NT$350,000 for a tour abroad is offered to a Taiwanese participant, one trophy, one award certificate, and three albums. The awardee is obliged to complete his/her sojourn within 2 years after the end of the exhibition. After returning to Taiwan, the awardee shall present a written report (the electronic copy will be published online) and certificates of flight ticket issuance.
    D. Selected Award: One award certificate and three albums.

    *Taxes are included in the aforementioned amounts pursuant to the relevant regulations governing taxes in Taiwan.
    *Please be advised that the actual amounts of the prizes are subject to the budget approved by Taoyuan City Council.

    For full contest info please see the commission document link or follow this link here.