Palm Springs Pride Art Installation- Palm Springs, CA

  • Commissioning Entity

    Greater Palm Springs Pride

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  • Location of Commission

    Palm Springs, California, United States

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  • Contact Name

    Al Jones

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    [email protected]

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  • Brief Description

    Seeking an artist to create an installation designed to meet the vision/mission to commemorate, honor, and celebrate local LGBTQ+ community members and allies who have had a profound, significant, and positive impact on the lives of LGBTQ+ residents of Palm Springs and the Greater Coachella Valley.

    The art installation will be a visible and lasting reminder to residents and visitors of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley of the LGBTQ+ community’s rich history of courage, spirit, and achievement. It will be designed, installed, and funded to serve as a beacon of community pride and as a historical reference source for future generations.

    Artists from all backgrounds and all levels of experience and engagement are encouraged to submit an art installation design. The competition is open to all ideas, formats, and media that may be proposed. There are no preconceived notions about the final art installation selected. It might be interactive, contemplative, changing by day and night, immersive, experiential or whatever an artist proposes that will honor this community. This is an opportunity for artists to be creative in ways they have never experienced before simply because there are no preconceived ideas about the art installation.

    The art installation will be constructed in a location of significance to bring attention to the importance and history of LGBTQ+ and allies within Palm Springs and the Greater Coachella Valley. The ideal location will be in a heavily-trafficked, prominent public gathering place in Palm Springs where the community can unite and celebrate its past, present, and future. It will be a venue for memorials and other events, and it must be accessible 24 hours a day by car and on foot.

    The Palm Springs Art Installation Board of Directors and the Palm Springs Public Arts Commission, under the aegis of Palm Springs Pride, is reaching out to artists from varying backgrounds, each a slice of the Palm Springs‘ spirit and identify through a range of ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, ability, and economic backgrounds - each with an individual creative style.

    Application Requirements

    Please note each application should contain only one piece of art. Artists may submit up to 6 views of that same piece. Artists wishing to submit more than one piece of art should do so via a separate application for each piece. Each artist may apply a maximum of three times with three different pieces of art.

    Minimum Requirements

    This is an open call for artists, with preferential treatment to those connected to the Palm Springs area and the Greater Coachella Valley.

    Artists will be required to submit concepts that meet the conditions of the art installation. Artists must provide a backstory about how they feel about their life experiences and prior work, and how the proposed submission honors those whom the LGBTQ+ Art Installation is designed to recognize. The artist who is commissioned will be selected based on the artistic design and how well the proposed art installation meets the vision and mission.

    A Pre-Proposal Conference will be held on Friday, September 29, 2023 Via ZOOM at 9:00 a.m. (PDT). This opportunity is offered to respond to artists’ questions about the requirement of this call. The Zoom link: The artists‘ proposals should include costs for all materials, fabrication, exterior finishes, transportation, installation, structural engineer, insurance, and artist’s fee.

    Background information about the artist must be included, with special attention to how they feel about their life experiences and prior work, and how the proposed submission honors those whom the LGBTQ+ art installation is designed to recognize. Requests for clarifications/questions may be submitted to Al Jones, President of the Art Installation, at [email protected].

    Eligibility Criteria

    Design Criteria
    • This art installation celebrates the contributions of hundreds of individuals. A key component will be the framing and highlighting the manes of these honorees.
    • Assume at least 500 individuals will be honored.
    • The art installation must be capable of being constructed and installed as proposed by the artist.
    • The artwork must be relevant and in alignment with the vision and objective described in the RFP.
    • The artwork must be suitable for outdoor display, including its maintenance and conservation requirements.
      Note: Artists should consider the materials they will use that will be compatible with Palm Springs weather, which can reach 119 degrees in the summer)
    • Maintenance will be a crucial determinant in the final selection process.
    • The artwork must convey a relationship between the artwork and the LGBTQ+ community members and allies.
    • The scale of the artwork must be appropriate to the location.
    • The artwork must meet the fabrication, installation, and maintenance requirements.
    • The proposed artwork must meet the goals in the RFP and is envisioned by the community.

    Please see commission portal link for full project information and application form.