Artwork for Lickman Road Roundabout- Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

  • Commissioning Entity

    City of Chilliwack

  • Application Open Date


  • Application Deadline Date


  • Minimum Budget


  • Maximum Budget


  • Location of Commission

    Chilliwack, , Canada

  • Geographic Eligibilty


  • Contact Name

    Carol Marleau

  • Contact Email

    [email protected]

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  • Commission Document

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  • Brief Description

    The purpose of this RFP is to solicit Proposals from qualified Proponents for provision of Artwork for the Lickman Road Roundabout. The RFP has been prepared to solicit interest from Artists or Artist Teams experienced with public art, budgeting, fabrication and installation. The successful Proponent will design, fabricate, deliver and install the outdoor public art of which the City will arrange to have traffic control and provide support to allow the installation in the center button of the Lickman Road Roundabout. This request is open to all artists.

    Project Scope

    The Work includes the provision of all labour, materials, and equipment necessary to design, fabricate, deliver and install outdoor public art in the center button of the Lickman Road Roundabout in accordance with the Project Deliverables shown in Section 2.3. Proponents should prepare a Proposal that meets or exceeds these requirements.

    Project Budget

    Proponents should not exceed the Project budget of $70,000.00, including all applicable taxes in Canadian Funds. The lump sum price is inclusive of all associated project costs, including but not limited to artists fees, studio overhead including WorksafeBC and insurance coverage, artwork fabrication, materials, labour, supplies, engineering, installation, contingencies and taxes. Failure to meet the budgetary requirements may result in disqualification.

    The City will provide the footing installation, electrical connection (including external lighting system if required), traffic control and crane services if required at the roundabout. The City of Chilliwack is not obligated to accept the Proposal with the lowest dollar amount.

    Project Deliverables
    • The artwork must be completed to the satisfaction of the City and delivered no later than October, 2024.
    • Successful proponent will undertake the detail design for the Project and provide drawings, specifications and shop drawings. These services will include structural and electrical engineering design, liaison and obtaining all necessary permits and approvals from the City and other agencies. Engineering, detail design and shop drawings shall be submitted in hard copies and electronic files.
    • Proponent will provide structural and electrical engineering design services for the artwork as well as the base foundation. The City will provide and install the base in accordance with these drawings however the structural engineer is to provide inspection, certification and as-built drawings of the base and artwork installed.
    • Proponent to provide engineering inspection and implementation of quality assurance program during fabrication.
    • Proponent to provide bi-weekly update including photos of details of progress and current status for design and fabrication.
    • Proponent will provide schedule of design, construction, delivery date as well as any other key milestones.
    • Proponent to provide details of the safety plan and procedure for installation at the roundabout and what equipment (i.e. crane) is required as well as the date for installation. Artist(s) must be willing to collaborate with the City for the installation of the Work.
    • Proponent to provide details related to durability, expected life cycle, on-going maintenance costs including expected replacement parts for all components including art structure, lighting and mechanisms.
    • Proponent shall provide two (2) complete sets of documentation covering installation, operation and maintenance of all system components as well as onsite training. The training shall cover all aspects of the system operation (mechanical, electrical and maintenance. The cost of this training shall be included in the Proposal Price.
    • Artwork to have UV and weather protected finishes and anti-vandalism coatings.
    Project Objectives & Requirements

    The goal of the Artwork for Lickman Road Roundabout is to meet the City of Chilliwack’s public art program vision to enrich the visual environment of the community by placing works of art in strategic locations throughout the City. The Lickman Road roundabout hosts a significant amount of local traffic as well as siting from both east and west bound Highway #1 traffic. Establishing a piece of public art in this location will present a visually impactful first impression of Chilliwack and furthers the introduction of public art to the community. The objective of the commissioned Artwork is to:

    • Create and establish a piece of Artwork that enhances the streetscape by providing an additional focal point along Lickman Road corridor. Artists are asked to design a kinetic compass and/or weather vane. The piece will have it’s four due points accurately displayed and ideally be decorated with vignettes of local activities,
    • Present a high-quality piece of public art that is visually appealing from all approaches but will not impede traffic flow in any manner including through the use of reflective material.

    Please see commission document for full project information and application instructions.