Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium and Sports Complex Renovation Project- Jupiter, FL

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    Fawley Bryant Architects

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    Jupiter, Florida, United States

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    Shane Johnson

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    [email protected]

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  • Brief Description

    The Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium and Sports Complex (RDCS) is owned by Palm Beach County (County). RDCS opened in 1998 and is the home of Major League Baseball (MLB) Spring Training for the St. Louis Cardinals and the Miami Marlins. In addition to MLB Spring Training, RDCS is home to 4 minor league baseball teams. The minor league baseball activity begins after the MLB Spring Training season in April and concludes in September. The Stadium also attracts amateur baseball tournaments from all over the country. RDCS also hosts community events when not in use for baseball. For more information on Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium see

    RDCS comprises approximately 90 acres of land within the master planned community of Abacoa in the Town of Jupiter. RDCS was strategically situated adjacent to the Abacoa Town Center as a complimentary extension of that mixed-use 2,055-acre community. As such, the RDCS was planned, improved and operated from the onset to support a two-team MLB Spring Training facility as a key element of and attraction to the master-planned mixed-use Abacoa community that today is home to thousands of local residents and numerous businesses that rely upon RDCS for entertainment, recreation, community identity, and business success.

    Though RDCS is owned by the County, it is operated and used by Jupiter Stadium, Ltd. (JSL), a partnership of the Marlins and the Cardinals. Since RDCS is now 25 years old, the County has agreed to fund a $140 million renovation of the facility (RDCS Renovation Project). JSL will serve as the County’s developer for the RDCS Renovation Project to oversee the design and construction. JSL has contracted with Fawley Bryant Architects, Inc. (Fawley Bryant) to design the renovation project. As part of the design contract between JSL and Fawley Bryant, Fawley Bryant is to select and contract with an Artist to implement the Art in Public Places component of the renovation project. This Call to Artists is issued by Fawley Bryant and any resulting contract will be between the successful Artist and Fawley Bryant and not with the County.

    Art Design Goals

    • Art will celebrate RDCS and the spirit of baseball.
    • Art will honor past and present baseball culture and activities.
    • Art will recognize elements of baseball that are consistent through generations.
    • Art will enhance plazas’ aesthetic and function.
    • Art will have a strong visual presence that activates plaza(s) into artful gathering places(s) that foster community connection year-round by Palm Beach County residents, visitors and sports fans.
    • All material will require minimal maintenance and must withstand the intense local environment (sun, high winds, salty moist air, and rain).
    • Art shall be safe to the public to avoid climbing, scaling, or reach by jumping.

    Please see commission document for full project information and application instructions.