International Covid Memorial Monument Design Competition

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    Hektoen Institute COVID 19 Monument Commission

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    Chicago, Illinois, United States

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    [email protected]

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  • Brief Description

    On this day, millions have died from COVID-19 or been infected. For those who perished, for those who lost a loved-one, for those who have recovered, and for those who courageously and selflessly served during the darkest and most uncertain days of the pandemic, we announce a competition to design a COVID-19 Monument of Honor, Remembrance, & Resilience sponsored by the Hektoen Institute of Medicine.

    This Monument will be a physical sculpture or installation that addresses and symbolizes the myriad issues and emotions encountered by citizens throughout the world as they navigate this powerful scourge and tragedy of our time. No other event in the past two centuries touched everyone as did the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether by death, illness, grief, or at best, lock-down, the pandemic left no one unscathed. This universal event respected no boundaries and did not discriminate by age, gender, religion, or nationality. As this pandemic excluded no one, our Monument is unequivocally inclusive and will embrace the sentiments of all citizens throughout the world.

    Our hope is that we will conquer this virus, and the pandemic will be history—a distant memory. But lest we forget, it is critical that we come together to reflect, and to honor those who continue to fight on the front lines, those brave souls who ensured our survival. They are the nurses, doctors, health care workers, the public service sector employees, airline personnel, those who rang up our groceries and medicines, delivered our packages, prepared our to-go meals, drove our buses, and many more. They all encountered significant risks dealing with an unknown illness. The Monument will honor these individuals and allow those who lost loved ones to mourn and know they are not alone. The monument will educate and enlighten with the wisdom and experience we have shared.

    Additionally, the Monument will celebrate resilience and victory. The discovery and distribution of the vaccine, engendered by multiple agencies, effectively saved millions of lives. This triumph of science in the COVID-19 vaccine and concomitant testing advances must be lauded and serve as a reminder of hope in the face of intense adversity and obstacles.


    Please submit the following:
    Each item below should be labeled as indicated

    1. Artist Bio
      A short written summary of the candidate’s background. If the submission is presented by a team of artists, please name all participants and submit a bio/written summary for each member of the team.
    2. Artist Statement + Concept
      Artist statement of the monument design and explanation of the concept.
      • No limits on the quantity of pieces in the statement/concept document, submit as much or as little as needed to represent the idea.
      • The submission could include materials intended and dimensions.
      • Renderings may be computer generated or hand drawn.
      • All images should be sent in .jpeg or .png format and several views of the monument would be expected as according to a design concept.

    Please see the commission link for full contest information. Click here to apply | Instagram | Twitter