• Commissioning Entity

    Huntington Health

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  • Minimum Budget


  • Maximum Budget


  • Location of Commission

    Pasadena, California, United States

  • Geographic Eligibilty


  • Contact Name

    LeBasse Projects

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    [email protected]

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  • Commission Document

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  • Brief Description

    Huntington Health is developing a new medical office building located in the heart of Pasadena and a short walk from the company’s main campus. Sitting on heavily trafficked Fair Oaks Ave., the proposed new building is of contemporary design with a flat roof, curving and articulated massing, extensive curtain wall glazing juxtaposed against solid framing volumes and a strong projecting roofline. The building is anchored by an open corner plaza to welcome visitors and employees of the new building.

    Working with the City of Pasadena, the project is committed to providing artwork across the project to fulfill a total budget of $430,000. This budget will include the commission of several pieces of artwork as well as fabrication, engineering, installation, consulting and conservation and maintenance report costs.

    The new Huntington Health building is an opportunity to build and shape a cultural landscape. While each opportunity will be curated as a unique space that functions as a stand-alone experience, the art will function together as a campus with a cohesive, overarching vision.

    Overall Project Opportunity

    This call for artists will reach out for three different project opportunities on the Huntington Health campus. The aim for all three artwork opportunities is to create world-class public artwork in a diverse range of mediums that are designed to engage the community, showcase the cultural diversity of the City and enhance the various civic and public spaces.

    Each location is different and asks for its own unique mediums utilizing highly imaginative and forward-thinking approaches. Selected artists and artist teams will be asked to demonstrate creative applications to support the building and activation of a city and community interconnected by its public art.

    We encourage Artists and Artist Teams to review the opportunities and consider how their own practice relates to the conceptual and visual demands and how their art practice might address the stated project goals. When applying to the RFQ, Artists and Artist Teams may apply for one or multiple opportunities that they feel they can develop strong concepts and visions for.

    Please see commission document for full application instructions, and click here for the application form.