RFP: Downtown Shawnee Mural- Shawnee, Kansas

  • Commissioning Entity

    City of Shawnee

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  • Location of Commission

    Shawnee, Kansas, United States

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  • Contact Name

    Lauren Grashoff

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    [email protected]

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  • Commission Document

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  • Brief Description

    The City of Shawnee is seeking proposals on behalf of the Rotary Club of Shawnee for an artist or team of artists to provide design and implementation services for an exterior mural in the downtown Shawnee area located on the west wall of 11009 Johnson Drive. The mural wall is located in a very prominent area in the heart of Downtown Shawnee at the southeast corner of Johnson Drive and Nieman Road.

    The project area is a one-story building approximately 55 feet by 11.66 feet. There is an existing mural at this location that will be painted over to prepare for the new requested mural project. The existing mural width is 33 feet and generally the full height of the wall.

    The theme of the design must be consistent with the values of the Rotary Club. Imagery can be simple or abstract as long as it follows the overall values of the Rotary, some of which include community, service, helping, and uplifting others. More about the Rotary Club can be found here: https://www.rotary.org/en/about-rotary

    Other preferences for the mural design include a design that is colorful and consistent with Rotary branding and colors. The concept does not necessarily need to include any historical imagery or explicit Rotary Club branding or verbiage. The overall design should highlight the art and bring interest and enjoyment to Shawnee’s downtown area which is the location of many community oriented events. Murals which are interactive are encouraged. The mural will need to include the Rotary logo to be used as a by-line somewhere in the mural.

    The City has access rights to the mural area and will coordinate all on-site work with the applicable owners and businesses. Rotary Club volunteers are available to prep the mural wall, including power washing, priming, etc.

    Please see commission link portal for full project information and submission instructions