• Commissioning Entity

    Johnson City Public Art

  • Application Open Date


  • Application Deadline Date


  • Minimum Budget


  • Maximum Budget


  • Location of Commission

    Johnson City, Tennessee, United States

  • Geographic Eligibilty


  • Contact Name

    Cheyenne Kumbhare

  • Contact Email

    [email protected]

  • Contact Phone

  • Commission Document

    View Link Document

  • Brief Description

    The Johnson City Public Art Committee plans to install traffic control box art wraps at twelve locations throughout Johnson City. Traffic control boxes are located at signalized intersections and house the components that power traffic lights. Their prominent placement on street corners and their blank, metal surfaces offer an excellent space to incorporate art.

    Artwork must be designed to fit within the specific dimensions for each control box to ensure that the image is not distorted or off-center. The artwork may be designed at any size as long as it is proportionally suited to the control boxes (all boxes are the same size). Please refer to the template below for dimensions. After the proposed designs are selected and finalized, artists will upload/scan/photograph their work as specified below and send to the Johnson City Public Art Committee. Designs will be printed on durable, vinyl wraps and installed on the appropriate control boxes. The committee will oversee the processing and installation of each wrap.

    Artists may submit up to three designs. Wrap designs may explore any theme, though the content must be appropriate for all audiences. Following the proposal selection, selected artists will be allotted one week to finalize their designs if they have not already done so. The artist selected to design artwork for the additional, smaller box will be allotted two weeks to finalize his/her submitted design and create an additional design for the smaller box.

    Please see commission link for full application instructions and information