Reaves Park Public Art RFQ- Norman, OK

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    Norman Arts Council

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    Norman, Oklahoma, United States

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    Erinn Gavaghan

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    [email protected]

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  • Brief Description

    Norman Arts Council on behalf of The City of Norman and Norman Forward Percent for Art for Reaves Park, is seeking an artist (or team of artists) to create a significant work of art for Reaves Park located at 2501 Jenkins Avenue, Norman, Oklahoma.

    The area of the park that is included in the current project (Phase 1) is approximately 45 acres within the total 78 acres of the park.


    The Selection Panel has determined that the most effective artwork will be a monumental three-dimensional sculpture centrally located in the park on an axis with prominent site features and programmed areas.

    The area identified for the artwork is approximately 80’ long parallel to the park road, and no further from the road than 40’ either east or west to prevent the art from conflicting with future phases of renovation (see the map). This location has been selected because of the potential for the artwork to be very visible to the largest number of visitors to the park.

    A vertical sculpture would not only establish the “heart” of the park but also serve as a meeting place and significant landmark. Because of the broad diversity of the users and people coming to the park, creating this special space would visually, physically, and emotionally bring everyone together. At the core of Reaves Park is a competitive spirit, yet simultaneously is a sense of community building. Bringing together young athletes, historic re-enactors, fans, grandparents, all iterations of families, and many other park-goers is one of the most compelling roles of Reaves Park.

    Built upon the history of Norman, the role of aviation, and the various park activities, the successful artwork will appeal to the multi-generational park users and in some fashion, either aesthetically or literally, be interactive. This may be as subtle as watching changes in the artwork caused by the different light, time of day or season. Or it could be that the art becomes an iconic photo opportunity. Alternately the art could engage the viewer to physically interact with it. A functional work of art, such as one that provides shade or incorporates a utilitarian aspect, would also be welcomed.

    Because visibility and proper scale to the park are vital considerations, it is important to note that ballgames (taking place May through October), many festivals, and other activities take place not only during the day but at night too. The park is very well lit at night, particularly the ball fields, so there should be accommodations to have the artwork easily seen during that time as well during the day.

    The Selection Panel is open to any media or material that is appropriate to the site as long as it is durable, safe, low maintenance, and vandalism resistant. Because Reaves Park has a very large number of child visitors, it is crucial that the design and materials are child-friendly and safe. The City of Norman and Norman Arts Council stress that the public art in Norman is ADA compliant so it is accessible and enjoyed by everyone.

    Ideally, Reaves Park will undergo more renovations in the near future with Phases 2 and 3 of the Master Plan. These future phases coming to fruition are dependent upon the City of Norman securing the funding. At this time, we are exploring the idea that the artist selected for this present project would be the first artist considered to design and create the public art for Phase 2 if the design, fabrication, and installation are successful in this Phase 1.

    For full project information and submission instructions, please see the commission portal link.