Ion Plaza Installation for the Ion District

  • Commissioning Entity

    The Ion District

  • Application Open Date


  • Application Deadline Date


  • Minimum Budget


  • Maximum Budget


  • Location of Commission

    Houston, Texas, United States

  • Commission Portal

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  • Geographic Eligibilty

    Applicants in state of installation

  • Contact Name

    Piper Faust

  • Contact Email

    [email protected]

  • Contact Phone

    (713) 504-0692

  • Commission Document

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  • Brief Description

    The Ion District and Rice Management Company request qualifications and preliminary installation proposals from artists or artist teams residing in Texas to create a site-specific temporary installation on the Ion outdoor plaza located within the Ion District for three months, from January through March 2023. The artwork should be interactive, engaging, playful and contain a lighting element. It should also have a presence during daylight hours.

    The full plaza measures approximately 250’ long x 40’ wide. The trellis is approximately 134’2” long x 33’7” wide. Elements within the trellis area and extending throughout the plaza can be considered. Maintenance and safety are key considerations as the plaza is fully accessible to the public 24/7.