Call For Artists: Creative Crosswalks- Fairburn, GA

  • Commissioning Entity

    City of Fairburn

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  • Location of Commission

    Fairburn, Georgia, United States

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  • Contact Name

    Tarika Peeks

  • Contact Email

    [email protected]

  • Contact Phone

    (770) 964-2244 ext. 120

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  • Brief Description

    The City of Fairburn is seeking artists interested in transforming ordinary crosswalks into playful, vibrant, and energetic works of art that will bring a smile to all who see them and encourage motorists to stop for pedestrians using the crosswalk. This project will serve as a point of community pride and encourage thinking about simple public spaces as places to enjoy artwork.

    The City of Fairburn is a government entity that follows its Comprehensive Plan and Creative Placemaking Strategy to incorporate public art within the city and become an art destination. This call for artists is part of ongoing projects that are meant to encourage walking and create a safe environment for pedestrians. It will also build on Fairburn’s continuing effort to increase public art for economic and community development, as well as enhance tourism.

    We invite artists to ignite our imaginations, awaken us to the beauty of our surroundings, and lift up stories that will inspire and motivate people of all ages.


    Eligible applicants must be artists aged 18 and over, with at least 1 - 3 years of experience painting murals, crosswalks, or other public artworks (e.g., bike racks, utility boxes, etc.). Artists may bring volunteer(s) or partner with a local school or organization to help with the installation. Applicants must be legal to work in the United States.


    This project will add crosswalk murals in four (4) heavily traveled locations in the city and will build on Fairburn’s continuing effort to increase public art, encouraging visible pedestrian traffic and safety, offering invigorated paths that citizens and visitors can delight in walking and showcasing the extraordinarily rich and diverse tapestry of metro Atlanta artists. The four (4) crosswalk locations are:

    1. Fairburn Youth Center [149 West Broad Street]
    2. Duncan Park [6000 Rivertown Road]
    3. Landmark Christian School [50 West Broad Street]
    4. Campbell Elementary School [91 Elder Street]

    Artist may submit a design for one or more locations. Each design will be evaluated separately. Up to four (4) designs can be submitted (one for each location).

    All applications should be submitted as a single PDF document and emailed to [email protected]. All proposals must be received by July 21, 2022, by 5:00 p.m. [EST] to be eligible for consideration.

    Please see Commission Link Document for full application information and instructions.