RFP: Art for Davis Brook Stack- Bangor, ME

  • Commissioning Entity

    City of Bangor, Maine- Purchasing Department

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  • Location of Commission

    Bangor, Maine, United States

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  • Contact Name

    Purchasing Department

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    [email protected]

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  • Brief Description

    The City of Bangor requests proposals to create an original piece of art for installation on the Davis Brook Stack. The piece should be semi-permanent or permanent in nature, and survive the life of the structure with minimal maintenance or upkeep required.

    The stack is sited on the banks of the Penobscot River, a waterway that holds cultural significance for the Indigenous peoples of Maine, as well as historical significance in the growth and development of Bangor.

    Members of the Penobscot Nation have incorporated the river into their culture and daily life for more than 10,000 years. To the peoples of the Penobscot nation, the river represents identity, spirituality, and livelihood. It provides them with food, natural materials for baskets, pottery, and canoes, and connects them to their ancestors. The Penobscot is New England's second largest river system and is home to many species of fish, including several sea-run creatures who navigate upriver to spawn each year. Conservation efforts in recent years have vastly improved water quality for the species dependent on the river.

    The art should honor the river and its cultural, environmental, and/or historical significance.