Holladay Village Plaza Sculpture- Holladay, UT

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    City of Holladay Arts Council

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  • Location of Commission:

    UT, USA, Holladay

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    Sheryl Gillilan

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    [email protected]

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  • Brief Description

    The Holladay Village Plaza is located at the northwest intersection of 2300 E and Holladay Murray Boulevard in Holladay, Utah. The plaza, built in 2012 is planted with trees native to this area of Utah as well as annual flower displays. The plaza was designed to include a large, round, stepped platform as the potential site for public art work to serve as the anchor and place marker for the community. The platform is approximately 20 feet in diameter and 3 feet off the ground. The Selection Committee is looking forward to working with an artist or team to help create an art installation befitting this central plaza and becoming the inaugural large public art project for the city. The Committee has identified the round, stepped platform in the northeast corner of the plaza as the signature site of the public art creation. The Committee envisions an artist’s work inspired by, and taking context from, Holladay’s natural geography and the reasons people throughout history have settled and been nurtured here -- specifically, the abundant tree canopy, streams, creeks, and near access to mountain flora and fauna. Importantly, the Committee cannot entertain works that actually incorporate water, but welcomes artistic interpretation of the above resources and their effects on the quality of life for the area’s inhabitants. The Committee is looking to commission artwork that appeals to people of all ages and encourages civic pride. The artwork should be of appropriate scale to the project site and should strive to create a focal point/landmark (destination/selfie spot) for the plaza and community that stands out in this urban setting. It is hoped the work will become iconic of Holladay and will reinforce the plaza’s function as a gathering place for residents, visitors, and patrons. It is also important that the work be safe, durable, and easily maintained as it will need to withstand large temperature variations (approximately 10 degrees – 105 degrees) and weather conditions of direct sun, rain, snow, wind, and ice. The Committee is open to proposals that include creative, subtle lighting features if they are integrated into the artwork and require little to no maintenance. Resident American or legal resident artists / artist teams are eligible for this commission. Utah artists are strongly encouraged to apply. Art selection committee members / family members and Holladay Arts Council staff / family members are not eligible to apply for this project. Submissions are due on May 27, 2022. Please see commission document for additional instructions and information.