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SOFA Art + Design: 2014 CODAvideo awards Partner

Nov. 7 - 9, 2014


2014 CODAvideo Awards Winners

Presenting the inaugural CODAvideo Awards winners in the categories of Collaboration, Concept, Process, Experience, and People’s Choice.


Sponsored by: Golden Triangle

“ This video is gorgeously shot and offers exceptional production values. And the sculpture itself is a wonderful representation of the collaboration between art and technology. And then it takes collaboration to another level by allowing those observing it to engage and manipulate the art through their cell phones. Incredible! ”— Deidre Brenner —
Project: Unnumbered Sparks Location: Vancouver, Canada Submitted by: GRAiNEY Pictures


“ The video is the artwork. It lives as part of the statement that the artist is making. It is beautiful. ”— Glenn Ross —
Project: Sand Calligraphy Location: New York, New York United States Submitted by: Sasha Meret


“ Fantastic. Love that color video was saved until the piece was finished. I want to go to Finland and see this! ”— Dana Delany —
Project: SILO 468 Location: Helsinki, Finland Submitted by: Lighting Design Collective


Sponsored by: Duggal

“ Wonderfully spare in letting the art tell the story. Very effective use of abstract music, sound design and editorial. ”— Jack Rooney —
Project: 320° Licht Location: Oberhausen, Germany Submitted by: URBANSCREEN


Project: Improvised Syncopation Location: Taipei, Taiwan Submitted by: Chains Interior

Project: Glacial Twist-Amsoil Arena Location: Duluth, MN United States Submitted by: Teresa Cox

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