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The Intersection of Art, Technology and Place

November 10-12, 2021

Scottsdale, Arizona



12 presentations, two tracks running simultaneously, presented from 2:30 to 4:30 pm on Thursday, November 11


"Find what you love and let it kill you.” - Charles Bukowski

Joe Riche  –  Owner at Demiurge

Ryan Everson  –  Co-Founder at Matchless

The selflessness of producing others' dreams while still living yours.

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Ellsworth Kelly's Austin at the Blanton Museum of Art in Austin, Texas

Mayer of Munich: From Inspiration to Installation

Erica Behrens  –  Director, Franz Mayer of Munich

Carol Warner  –  Studio Liaison, Franz Mayer of Munich

Franz Mayer of Munich is the leading international studio for architectural art glass and innovative mosaics working with contemporary artists, designers and architects on high-profile public art projects worldwide.

Mayor of Munich
Ignition Arts

Plug & Play Urbanism: Merging Architecture, Infrastructure, & Public Art

Brian McCutcheon  –  Owner & Creative Director, Ignition Arts

Volkan Alkanoglu  –  Artist

Ignition Arts & Volkan Alkanoglu team up to discuss the innovative design and build strategies used to create Drift, a public art pedestrian bridge located in Fort Worth, Texas. Leveraging Computational Design and Digital Fabrication strategies, the project exemplifies the notion of Plug & Play Urbanism, a concept that imagines a new approach to city infrastructure that is more affordable, accessible, and efficient without compromise of form or function.

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Tricks to the Trade

Andrew Vrana  –  Principal, Metalab

Joe Meppelink – Principal, Metalab

Producing our best work last year while navigating all of the challenges required a few tricks. We'll share a few insights into what we learned from managing more public art projects around the country.

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gizmo project

Evolving Your Toolbox: Bridging Digital Fabrication and Hand Craftsmanship

Mark Sabatino - President, Gizmo Art Production, Inc.

From designing and building indoor and outdoor sculptures and museum exhibits, to helping artists navigate the intricacies of a complex project, it’s rare to find a design-build challenge Gizmo can’t meet. Experiences working with our clients have led to our success as well as theirs, they allow us to push forward to explore new ways of fulfilling their creative needs.

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Enabling Lighting Expression

Jose dos Santos  – Head of Design Americas, Signify

This will be a short intro to Signify capabilities to support artists that use lighting to express their artistic vision, we will introduce Amy Critchett from Leo Villareal Studio who will talk about the London Bridges project.

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Collaborative Innovations in Glass

David Judson  –  President, Judson Studios

Recent collaborations with fine artists have led to innovative experiences in the medium of glass. Pushing the possibilities through engineering and technology reveals how glass can create intriguing opportunities for the future of art in public spaces.

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Detail at Scale - Using Advanced Manufacturing and Technology to Create Remarkable Experiences

Paul Martin  – Director of Advanced Manufacturing Solutions, Dimensional Innovations

Using a combination of technology integration, advanced manufacturing, and ingenuity, DI delivers world-class experiences for our clients. We'll present many case studies highlighting how we work with artists and designers to engineer, fabricate, and install unforgettable objects and experiences.

LERA plus

Technology and the Design Process

Alfonso Oliva  –  Director, LERA+

Is there space for technology in the creative process? In this presentation we examine different ways technology could be used to explore the design space.

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Experiential Technology in Placemaking for the New Normal Technology Age

Ethan Bach  –  CEO, Alt Ethos

Eric Dallimore  –  Experiential Producer, Alt Ethos

Do you ever feel at sea when you’re trying to work out how to fuse creative technology and art in experiential public installations? In this presentation, we'll go over three essentials you’ll need to know to get your footing: design that works, longevity, and trackable ROI with easy-to-follow steps for guaranteeing the best possible experience - and also take a peek into the future at how we’ll be connecting physical installations to the unlimited possibilities of 3D virtual worlds.

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Electric Playhouse Summit Site Photo

Expanding Digital Boundaries in Physical Space

John-Mark Collins  –  CEO / Co-founder - Creative Director, Electric Playhouse

Our world is becoming more and more infused with digital pieces - what would this look like if we artists and creatives pushed something together, versus allowing the large tech companies to guide the deployment? How can we start in our galleries and facilities in a way that will empower the new digital reality to be more human-focused?

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RDG Planning and Design Summit Photo

Do Something Good: The Art of Collaboration

Matt Niebuhr  –  Public Artist Team, RDG Planning & Design

David Dahlquist  –  Public Artist Team, RDG Planning & Design

Shawn Garton  –  President, Johnson Machine Works

The public artist team of Matt Niebuhr and David Dahlquist from the Art Studio at RDG Planning & Design have collaborated with Shawn Garton and his team at Johnson Machine Works on several major installations. Our presentation will explore the critical relationship between artist, engineering and fabrication, one that is built on trust, communication and experience. Capturing the spirit of the work, the vision, surviving, thriving and ultimately better because of the process demands faith in the process and leadership with an eye on craftsmanship and quality. We will share insights about the process, from early conceptual design through installation, including the challenging dialogue that is required to transform ideas into three-dimensional reality.