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2023 Editorial Calendar

Month Projects Due Publication Date Theme Description
JANUARY Nov 30, 2022 Jan. 4 The Magic of Color Exploring the use of color in innovative ways: design + art projects vividly showing the transformative qualities color has on the spaces where we live, work, and play.
FEBRUARY Special Issue Feb. 1 Creative Revolutionaries This special issue will recognize 2023’s Creative Revolutionaries who are giving us a renewed sense of purpose and leading the way to affect change.
MARCH Jan. 30, 2023 March 1 Transformative Walls Wall art and more: design + art projects construct, divide, enhance, and adorn the walls of our built habitats, transforming the ordinary to the extraordinary.
APRIL Feb. 28, 2023 April 5 Art for Social Justice Art serves as a powerful driving force for raising awareness and bringing about societal change, with the goals of acceptance, celebration, and elevating the diverse voices of our world. These art+design projects relate to racial inequity, injustice, human rights, or other themes related to the oppression of a group of people.
MAY Mar. 31, 2023 May 3 Experiential & Interactive Collaborative projects that provide iconic experiences and interactive experiences that celebrate culture and create community.
JUNE Apr. 30, 2023 June 7 The Living Form Celebrating animated organisms in all their diversity: design + art projects that dynamically characterize the natural life forms of our world through any artistic medium.
JULY June 15, 2023 July 5 Celebrating the San Francisco Bay Area In anticipation and excitement of the upcoming CODAsummit in San Jose, CA this October 4-6, we are celebrating outstanding public art collaborations in the Bay Area.
AUGUST June 30, 2023 Aug. 2 Technology and Art Enhancing the experience of art with digital technology: design + art projects use video, sound, 3D printing, interactive installations, conductive paint, augmented reality, and more.
SEPTEMBER Special Issue Sept. 6 CODAaward Winners The best design + art collaborations from around the world: Ten category winners, merit award winners, and two People's Choice awards are presented.
OCTOBER - - No Magazine -
NOVEMBER Sept. 30, 2023 Nov. 1 Art for the Environment Art with a powerful environmental message: art + design public art projects that embody the current state of our world, imploring us to consider the role we play in the destruction of our home and incite activism through individual and community action.
DECEMBER Oct. 31st, 2023 Dec. 1st Architectural Art Art as an intrinsic aspect of ceilings, floors, roofs, doors, interior and exterior walls, windows, and integrated within a building’s interior or exterior design. These projects are essential to the look and feel of the whole space.