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2024 Editorial Calendar

Month Projects Due Publication Date Theme Description
JANUARY Nov 30, 2024 Jan. 9 Rich Collaborations Excellent art commissions realized by a variety of teams working together
FEBRUARY Special Issue Feb. 1 Creative Revolutionaries CODAworx’s 2024 curated list of 25 creative professionals who provide us with the visions, connections, strategies, and effective practices to bring about positive change
MARCH Jan. 30, 2024 Mar. 5 Experiential Art Interactive art installations that engage audiences on multiple sensory levels
APRIL Mar. 06, 2024 Apr. 2 Cultural Institutions Top public art in a mix of traditional settings including governmental buildings, civic & community centers, libraries, theaters, museums, and more.
MAY Mar. 31, 2024 May 7 Transformative Walls Recognizing projects which turn ordinary walls into spectacular canvases
JUNE Apr. 30, 2024 Jun. 3 Sound, Light, Motion Visually stunning and Immersive experiences that bridge the gap between art and technology
JULY Jun. 15, 2024 Jul. 5 Celebrating Nature Acknowledges projects inspired by the wonders in the natural world
AUGUST Jul. 31, 2024 Aug. 2 Festivals and Events Art installations and immersive experiences that inspire and entertain while impacting entire communities
SEPTEMBER Special Issue Sept. 6 CODAawards Winners Highlights from the 2024 CODAawards-winning individuals and teams whose collective imaginations create the public and private spaces that inspire us every day
OCTOBER - - No Magazine -
NOVEMBER Sep. 30, 2024 Nov. 1 Art With a Message Projects that communicate meaningful themes and stories that resonate on a visceral level
DECEMBER Oct. 31st, 2024 Dec. 1st Monuments and Memories History is inseparable from art; these projects help us ponder and remember who, what, when, and where