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How to Enter the CODAawards

If you are new to the site:

1. Sign-up off the top navigation to create an account
2. Once you are logged in, click Projects, then Create a New Project to put up a project to submit to the awards
3. Once published the Submit to CODAawards button will appear under the project

If you are already a member of CODAworx:

1. Log in to your account
2. Click on Projects
3. You will see the Submit to CODAawards button under all of your projects
If you want to add additional projects:
- Select Create a New Project 
- When it’s published, the Submit to CODAawards button will appear

If you are an upgraded CODAworx member (Basic+, Pro, or Premium):

- Your free award entries will appear when you click the Submit to CODAawards button under a projects 
- You can click Create a New Project to upload a new project to enter
- When it’s published, the Submit to CODAawards button will appear
- Once you’ve used your free entries, you can purchase additional entries via the Submit to CODAawards button

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Submit your projects to these design categories



Office buildings, office spaces, corporate campuses, shopping centers, sports arenas, retailers, breweries, wineries, boardrooms, and other shared spaces



Public and private schools, universities, colleges, alternative learning facilities, student unions, cafeterias, dormitories, libraries and other school spaces



Hospitals, clinics, and other inpatient, outpatient, alternative health facilities, including waiting areas, patient rooms, offices, and atriums



Restaurants and cafes, spas, hotels and resorts



Spaces designed for local, state, or federal governments, city halls, embassies, museums, libraries, police and fire stations, post offices, and nursing homes



Exterior spaces designed for public or private use, includes landscape design and structures like fencing



Includes churches, chapels, synagogues, mosques, temples, shrines, cathedrals, and other places of worship

public spaces

Public Spaces

Spaces designed for public use for civic and cultural events such as convention centers, community centers, parks, and plazas



Private homes, apartment buildings, townhomes, vacation homes, and condominiums



Airports, subways, train and bus stations, roads, mass transit, parking garages, bridges, and pedestrian walkways

Images shown: Commercial: JACARANDA Mount Pleasant Woolworths Lace Fence by Paula Hart; Education: GeNeSiS by Erwin Redl; Healthcare: You Activate This Space by Ansen Seale; Hospitality: The Alexander Hotel by Gensler; Institutional: Senate of Canada Building by Diamond Schmitt Architects; Landscape: Broad Reach by David Hess; Liturgical: BAPS by WET; Public Spaces: Dawn's Silver Lining by Barbara Grygutis; Residential: Diane Middlebrook Studios by CCS Architectural; Transportation: LightRails by Bill FitzGibbons