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CODAworx produces the CODAawards to celebrate the design projects that most successfully integrate commissioned art into interior, architectural, or public spaces. The awards honor the individuals and the teams whose collective imaginations create the public and private spaces that inspire us every day.

Read the 2019 CODAawards Rules.

Frequently asked questions:

Each project entry must have been completed since January 2016 and feature at least one site-specific work of commissioned art.

If you are not a CODAworx member, join from the homepage by clicking the Join button in the top right. Activate your account via a link that will be sent to you in an email, then log in securely to your My Account page where you can click the Publish a Project button. Publishing a new project is a simple 5-step process, the category that you select for your project is the category you will be entering for the CODAawards.

If you are a CODAworx member and you'd like to enter a new project, start by logging in and clicking the Publish a Project button on your My Account home page. Publishing a new project is a simple 5-step process, the category that you select for your project is the category you will be entering for the CODAawards.

If you are a CODAworx member and you'd like to enter an existing project, start by logging in and then click the Manage Existing Projects link on your My Account home page. Choose Edit on a project if you'd like to edit information or change what category you'd like to enter it into. Click Next to save changes you make to the project, and be sure all 5-steps are complete.

Once the project you'd like to enter is complete, navigate to My Account and click the Manage Existing Projects link. On the Projects page there will be a button that says Enter CODAawards next to your complete projects. When you click this button you will be entering that project into the CODAawards.

Congratulations and good luck! Enter here.
Entries are $150 USD each. From April 1 to April 30, entrants can receive 20% off the full price for our early bird special and enter for $120.

CODAworx Creative Profile members get two free entries to the CODAawards and Industry Profile members receive three free entries to the CODAawards.
Yes. There is no limit on the number of entries submitted.
No, all submissions must be submitted through the project uploader at CODAworx.com.
There are ten categories that are the key types of spaces in which commissions are placed: Commercial, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Institutional, Landscape, Liturgical, Public Spaces, Residential, and Transportation.

We understand that design spaces are sometimes difficult to define. If you are having trouble deciding which category is appropriate, we encourage you to select one that is the closest. For example, Commercial covers just about any business, and Institutional can include any government function, from courthouses and police stations to prisons.
Due to the large number of entries each year, jurors only judge a selected group of categories. Jurors spend time with each project reading and learning about the details, goals, and collaborative process behind the project. The jury will evaluate projects on the successful integration of commissioned artwork into a space, and the importance of this integration into the overall design. The jury will also evaluate Projects based on the collaboration process between the artists, designers, and others involved in the Project.

Jury members are allowed to enter a project into the CODAawards, but they are not permitted to jury a category where their own work has been submitted. The jury process is done remotely online, and each juror is blind to the voting by the other jury members. Total juror votes are tallied to determine the final winner in each category. In the event of a tie, representatives of CODAworx will break the tie by selecting the winner from among the tied entries.
Images are a part of jurying criteria. At least two images are mandatory, but you can upload up to six. Your images should be as high-resolution as possible, and show your project from different perspectives. CODAworx will use these photos to conduct an international media campaign about the winners. We recommend that artists consider contacting other members of the design team for the best professional images, in addition to team credits. Read our image guidelines.
When creating your project, make sure you've identified your team properly. There are two key questions when creating a project in you account that get at the criteria for jurying; each question allows for 200 words.
  • What were the goals for integrating commission artwork into this project and how important was this integration in the overall design?
  • Describe the collaboration process between artist, designer, and others involved in this project.
Please carefully consider your answers for these questions. We recommend having your answers reviewed by a member of your team before entering a project into the CODAawards. (You can save a project and edit it until you're ready to submit to the awards.)
On the CODAworx website, visitors will be able to view, by category, all entries submitted to date. Jurying will take place June 3-14. From June 18-28, the jury’s Top 100 selections will be exhibited online where design enthusiasts from around the globe will be invited to vote for their favorites during public voting to select our two People’s Choice winners. Winners will be announced in August's issue of Interior Design magazine and on CODAworx.com.
Voting will be conducted on the 2019 CODAawards Top 100 page. To vote click the "Vote" button below the image of the project you'd like to win. You may vote for as many projects as you'd like, but please only vote once per project. Final tallies for votes will be audited at the close of the competition and CODAworx reserves the right to take action in the event of inappropriate voting. The two projects with the most votes at the end of the voting period will be announced as the 2019 CODAawards People's Choice winners.
There will be one winner selected by the jurors from each of the ten categories. In addition, jurors may choose to award up to three merit awards per category. There will also be two People’s Choice winners selected by public vote.
People’s Choice and juried winners will be notified the third week of August.
Winners and their projects are:
  • Promoted through an international PR campaign, delivering unparalleled public recognition through print, social media, and digital presence throughout the year.
  • Announced in Interior Design magazine, the leading design authority, and through other key partners.
  • Showcased on CODAworx.com and given a one-year Creative Profile (valued at $500 USD).
The final deadline for entries is May 31 at 11:59pm Central Time (GMT -5:00).

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Entries are $150 each

CODAworx Creative Profile members get two free entries to the CODAawards, and Industry Profile members get three free entries.

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