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Typhaine Morrison, Director of Marketing
Roze Pirvany, PR Manager
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CODAworx is honored to showcase the following artists and design professionals, featured in this issue of CODAmagazine:


ART+COM Studios (Joachim Sauter), Artist

Lanny Bergner, Artist
Washington, US

Jan R. Carson, Artist
Colorado, US

Heather Collins, Photographer
California, US

Cooper Joseph Studio, Architects
New York, US

Desai Chia Architecture, Architects
New York, US

Design Fugitives, Artists & Art Consultants
Wisconsin, US

Judy Dioszegi, Artist
Illinois, US

Talley Fisher, Artist
Pennsylvania, US

Cliff Garten, Artist & Landscape Architect
California, US

Daniel Goldstein, Artist
California, US

Jeff Goodman Studio, Artist

David Hess, Artist
Maryland, US

Gordon Huether Studio, Artist
California, US

Reiner John, Artist

Anna Kubelik, Architect & Artist (video)

Horatio Law, Artist
Oregon, US

Mid-Ocean Studio, Artist
Rhode Island, US

Anne Mudge, Artist
California, US

Tim Prentice, Artist
Connecticut, US

Ashley Roberts, Public Art Agent (video)
Texas, US

Mel Ristau, Artist
Colorado, US

Satoru Sugihara, Architect & Artist
California, US

Mettje Swift, Artist
Colorado, US

Alexander Tylevich, Architect & Artist
Minnesota, US

Kenneth von Roenn, Artist
Florida, US


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