Friday Roundup: 5 Bits of News to Peruse

Image c/o Fast Company. Installation by Tokujin Toshioka.
Image c/o Fast Company. Installation by Tokujin Toshioka.

5. The Digital Revolution

NYC’s Museum of Art and Design opened a survey on “digital fabrication”—an exhibit featuring computer-assisted production of art and architecture. The exhibit hosts everything from lamps to photography to shoes and runs to next July.

4.  Quilted Northerner

Artist Judith Larzelere was awarded the prestigious Rhode Island State Council on the Arts Fellowship. Larzelere designs and produces all her quilts herself, focusing on color interaction and movement.

3. Cultivate Your Curves

Time and time again, research has shown that people prefer architecture with curved lines to ones that are more linear. New studies suggest that’s because the preference is hard-wired into our brains, as sharper lines and objects indicate physical danger.

2. 15 Ways to Warm Up Your Bathroom for the Winter

Everything from towel warmers to wallpaper can keep you feeling a little toastier when the temperatures start to drop.

1. Light from Above

Japanese illusionist Tokujin Yoshioka has built a 40-foot-tall installation featuring 500 crystal prisms at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. Titled Rainbow Church, the installation was inspired by Yoshioka’s visit to Henri Matisse’s Rosaire Chapel in France.