What’s on Your Design Board?

Design Board


The Art Commission’s new online Design Boards are a great way to gather images of artwork that appeal to you, whether you have a specific project in mind or are just looking for inspiration. Megan Lapham of Healthcare Art Consulting in Dallas has created three beautiful Design Boards, which she and her staff update regularly with new artwork. She offered to tell us a little more about how the Design Board feature helps her prepare for upcoming projects.

Megan Lapham
Megan Lapham

“We use the boards to separate different types of artwork,” Megan explains, “making them easy to reference as needs arise. We like that the boards are so easy to access, and that you can jump to the artist’s profile by simply clicking on an image saved on the board. For now, we’re using them as a reference for project inspiration. But as the boards become more developed, we anticipate sharing them with clients to spark concepts and ideas.”

Since Healthcare Art Consulting specializes in visual communication for hospitals and clinics, many of the works they’ve collected are installations in lobbies, hallways, and patient services areas. “For the most part, we’ve searched for installations that would be useful in visualizing current or upcoming projects,” Megan says, but her selections also include a diverse array of individual pieces, from realistic sculpture to abstract paintings and prints.

Having favorite images collected on a design board isn’t just a powerful tool for communicating with clients and colleagues. It’s a time-tested way of refining and clarifying an aesthetic—something that, in this era of unprecedented visual overload, is more important for art professionals than ever before.